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Do you want to construct a patio or slab but don’t know how many bags of concrete do you need? Don’t worry this article is about how many square feet in a yard of concrete or how many sq feet does a yard of concrete covers?

If you know the length and width of area and thickness of patio/slab as well. You can calculate that how much concrete you need for your project?

How many square feet in a yard of concrete?

If you are looking for an answer about how many sq feet does a cubic yard of concrete covers? coverage of yardage of concrete depends on the thickness of slab. Simply for 1 inch thick slab, 1 cubic yard of concrete covers 324 square feet.

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This post is all about sand finish concrete. Here we will explain about the sand wash finish concrete for patios, floors and pool decks. Further how to get sand finish on concrete?

Sand Finish Concrete

What is sand finish concrete?

Sand finish concrete is basically a sand textured concrete. It has the appearence, like a hard sand on beaches and sea-shores. It is also called sand wash finish & washed concrete finish. Sand wash finish has the non-slippery, porous surface, the washed sand grits appear on the top. It is used for pool decks, patios, driveways, passageways etc.

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In this blog post, we will discuss what is concrete wheel stops? Further we will discuss the concrete car stops & parking lot concrete stops and concrete parking curb.

Concrete wheel stops

What is concrete wheel stops?

Concrete wheel stops is a curb used to stop the vehicle in a parking lot. The car stopper is use to stop the vehicle wheels to protect the parking lot property and vehicle from hitting & damages. It is commonly use in schools, commercial areas, hospitals, airports and anyother parking lots.

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In this post, we will discuss what is concrete countertop? Different concrete countertops colors and designs.

What is concrete countertops?

Concrete countertops are the counters made up with concrete. It if widely use in kitchens, outdoors, dinning areas, restaurants, bars, offices etc. To give it an amazing appearance color pigment is added. After getting dry it is then sealed to make its surface non-porous, heat and stain resistant. Concrete countertops are frequently use these days because of its durability and you have match counter color to the room decor.

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